Point of View

We all learned in school about writing from different points of view (first person, second person, third person).  When I wrote my first novel it felt more comfortable to me to write in first person – like I was living the story myself.  The Chance on Love series is told through the heroine’s eyes.

In my new novel, Catching Cash’s Heart, I wanted to try something a little different and tell the story through both the hero and heroine’s point of view.  But frankly I was a little nervous to do this – could I accurately write from the guy’s standpoint?  Fortunately, I had two wonderful helpers – my cousin Gary and my husband Carl.  Both gave me suggestions (such as no guy would ever say “cute”) that helped mold Cash into a believable hero that any woman would swoon over.

Published by Leah Busboom

Leah Busboom wanted to become an author since the day she learned how to read! She specializes in the Romance genre because she loves a good story with a happy ending. Her books are known for their heart warming stories, intriguing characters and hilarious real life situations that make you want to laugh out loud. Leah currently lives in Colorado with her wonderful husband, her "Blue Bomber" bicycle and a hundred bunny rabbits that roam free in the neighborhood.

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