My Female Leads – Samantha from Second Chances

Samantha holds a special place in my heart because she’s the female lead in my first book.  She was brewing in my mind for several years and I finally found time to write her story.

A career girl with a big heart – that’s how I would describe Samantha in one sentence.  She has an embarrassing “meet cute” with the guy that she falls in love with.  Samantha literally runs into Matt on his first day in the office.  Not a great way to make a good first impression on your new boss.  Her dog is the ugliest dog at the animal shelter – the one that no one wanted.  But, Samantha sees beyond his physical oddities and falls in love with Harold’s winning personality.

An unpleasant childhood prevented Samantha from enjoying the fun things that we take for granted – a trip to the amusement park, going to a hockey game – even learning to ride a bike.  She underestimates how easy or difficult something is, getting her into a few embarrassing situations.  The yoga story is a page from my personal life – yes, I fell asleep in yoga class one time.  I’m also an appalling ice skater just like Samantha.

Samantha loves HGTV and decorating, so when Matt purchases the “fixer upper” she’s all in to assist him.  She’s the “go to” person at work when someone needs help because she never tells anyone “no” (case in point: Cindy Loo’s sticky note emergency suddenly becomes Samantha’s problem).

Matt summed it up well when he told Samantha after their ice skating adventure, “You’re a cute dork”.  She’s funny and isn’t afraid to make fun of herself.  She wants to try new things – some that she likes and some that she dislikes.  I love her for having a big heart, pulling for the underdog and keeping a “glass half full” attitude no matter the situation.

If you want to read Samantha’s story Second Chances, here is the link to purchase it on Purchase Second Chances

Published by Leah Busboom

Leah Busboom wanted to become an author since the day she learned how to read! She specializes in the Romance genre because she loves a good story with a happy ending. Her books are known for their heart warming stories, intriguing characters and hilarious real life situations that make you want to laugh out loud. Leah currently lives in Colorado with her wonderful husband, her "Blue Bomber" bicycle and a hundred bunny rabbits that roam free in the neighborhood.

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