My Female Leads – Megan from Lasting Chances

Megan appears in all three books in the Chance on Love series.  She gets her own well deserved starring role in the third book, Lasting Chances.

We first meet Megan as Samantha’s friend in Second Chances.  Samantha met her at an auction for the local animal shelter when she purchased one of Megan’s photographs.  Megan also introduced Samantha to her rescue dog.  In Taking Chances, Megan helps Paige with marketing of her online jewelry business.

But, Megan’s history is only hinted at in the previous books.  In Lasting Chances, we learn that she is the daughter of a famous Major League Baseball pitcher.  She was raised in the clubhouse and knows a lot about baseball.  She misses her father and being part of a professional baseball team.  So, on a whim, Megan applies for a marketing role with the local family owned minor league baseball team.  That is when the fun starts.

Megan clashes with the owner’s son, Gabe, when she tries to offer some advice to help fix the pitching woes of a star pitcher sent down to the minor leagues for rehabilitation.  Gabe doesn’t look favorably on the “marketing gal” offering advice.  But, Gabe’s son, Jack, is a big Megan fan and has none of the preconceived notions that a woman doesn’t know anything about baseball.  He convinces Gabe to hear Megan out.

I love the fact that a 12-year-old boy is wiser and less biased than his father.  Jack accepts Megan and listens with an open mind to both her marketing and pitching advice.  I wanted to give Megan an unconventional upbringing that she applies to her role with the minor league team – especially since her expertise is far beyond what she was hired to do.  This sets up the conflict with Gabe, but also gives Gabe the opportunity to grow beyond his preconceived notions.

We learn that Megan misses her father’s love and support.  Even though she has wonderful girlfriends in Samantha and Paige, she yearns for a male figure who accepts her baseball knowledge.  Watching Megan and Gabe’s relationship grow, while Gabe’s respect for Megan grows as well, is a key to the overall story.  They both share a passion for baseball which evolves into a passion for each other.

I think you’ll enjoy reading Megan’s story, Lasting Chances.   It’s available on Amazon in Kindle or paperback format.  Link: Lasting Chances Amazon Link

Happy Reading!


Published by Leah Busboom

Leah Busboom wanted to become an author since the day she learned how to read! She specializes in the Romance genre because she loves a good story with a happy ending. Her books are known for their heart warming stories, intriguing characters and hilarious real life situations that make you want to laugh out loud. Leah currently lives in Colorado with her wonderful husband, her "Blue Bomber" bicycle and a hundred bunny rabbits that roam free in the neighborhood.

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