Reviews – The Icing on the Cupcake

As an author, I love when someone leaves a review of one of my books. First, it lets me know that someone read my book and enjoyed it. Yeah! Second, it encourages other readers to try the book. Yeah again!

A review is like the sweet goodness on top the cupcake. We authors are busy baking the cupcakes and you readers get to top them with your own icing – a great review that makes other readers want to share in the fun! Amazon let’s you create a reviewer name alias in case you don’t want your real identity revealed.

So, if any of you have read one of my books – I would love for you to whip up some confectionery sweetness and leave a review. If you liked the story, really related to a character or were drawn into the romance for a couple of hours – let other readers know. I would truly appreciate it!

Happy reading!

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