Forever You

The award winning book and original song, Take Me to Forever, are available in audiobook format. Enjoy a listening experience like no other! A story filled with love, loss, and learning to love again.

Does love find a way to break the bounds of time, of past and present, turning what seems impossible into an extraordinary love story?

“Mary Beth Eversole and Heston Moser delivered a beautiful performance. The emotion and personality they give to each character was fantastic. I really enjoyed this story and listening to the amazing audiobook.” — 5-stars, Amazon reviewer

“This was one magical tale. I will cherish it in my heart till eternity.
“Even if we can’t be together, always love me and take me to forever. With you”
I cried so much because the pain was unending and beautiful. I loved it !!!!!” — 5 out of 5 stars, Goodreads Reviewer  

“This is such a beautiful book and such a beautiful story… It’s one of the most beautiful, romantic stories I’ve read in a long time and I’m going to be singing it from the rooftops.”  — Deanna’s World

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