Connor Brothers series

Connor Brothers series
Clean & Wholesome Small Town Romance

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Book 4 – Needing You

He’s a big-city professional football player. She’s a small-town physical therapist.
When their worlds collide, will their undeniable attraction survive?

Book 3 – Wanting You
He thinks she’s a spoiled, rich airhead. She thinks he’s a crabby, hunky construction worker.
When the sparks fly, do they fight their attraction? And how do they figure out the truth?

Daisy’s bumped around from place to place, but Gramps is building her a house so maybe she’ll call Connor’s Grove home for a while. She’s got a lot of shoes and a lot of abandoned careers that didn’t stick. Even though she plays the spoiled rich girl well, Gramps believes in her and knows she’s much more than just a pretty face.

Jacob’s back in his hometown after being laid off from his big city advertising job. He’s doing the construction gig for a while to help his brother. He has no time for the rich girl who’s become a thorn in his side on the building project. But, when he looks below the surface, he discovers that Daisy’s much more than she appears.

Book 2 – Loving You

He’s loved her since the first day they met. She’s afraid to move on.

Max Connor has dated off and on for five years, but no one ever measured up to her. He tried to get over his unrequited love by moving out of state and forgetting her. Now he’s back in Connor’s Grove for good and suddenly there’s nothing standing in the way of loving Maddie except Maddie herself.

Professor Madeleine Henderson was widowed two years ago. When Max approaches her to explore a relationship beyond friendship, she’s terrified at how he makes her feel. Maddie loved her husband, but her attraction to Max is off the charts. He ignites a passion in her that she never expected to experience. Is she brave enough to take a second chance on love?

Book 1 – Finding You
Two hearts seeking a fresh start…
One caring & nurturing small town…

Hailey Summerville is in debt up to her eyeballs, unemployed, and homeless. She’s looking for a fresh start in tiny Connor’s Grove and maybe a romance she’s never had time for before.

Quinn Connor fled back to his hometown, injured in a car accident and disillusioned with big-city corporate law. His fiancée broke up with him, making him swear off women forever.

Through simple acts of kindness, the quirky people of Connor’s Grove show Hailey and Quinn what it means to belong in a community where people care about each other, know everyone’s business and believe in matchmaking. Theirs is a story about finding love and a new purpose in life.

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