Romantic Comedies

Too Busy for Love series

The hilarious romantic comedy series Too Busy for Love will tickle your funny bone and warm your heart. If you love Hallmark movies with the perfect blend of laugh-out-loud scenes and heart-touching moments, this series is for you. Fans of Emma St. Clair, Ellie Hall, and Savannah Scott will enjoy this new series of clean and wholesome stories filled with romance and comedy.

Connor Brothers Rom Coms

Connor Brothers is a delightful 12-book series of small-town, clean, and wholesome romances with a blend of humor, romance, and two people’s journey to a new perfect life, even if it isn’t the life they expected. Books 5, 6, and 11 in the series are romantic comedies featuring side-splitting laughter and touching moments. Fans of Hallmark movies will love these books. 

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