Psst – Do you have 5 minutes?

I’ve been busy promoting Catching Cash’s Heart because, frankly, I believe it’s a great book lost among the 3 million books on Amazon!

But, I’m learning the hard way, that a book with very few reviews doesn’t sell well. Plain and simple. This book doesn’t even qualify for some advertising programs because it has less than 10 reviews! The marketing process has been an eye opener.

If you’ve read Catching Cash’s Heart, you’d make this struggling author very grateful if you could write a short Amazon review. Did you know that you can leave the review under an alias if you don’t want to reveal your name?

Here’s a link to Catching Cash’s Heart if you want to leave a review (scroll down to Customer Reviews section & press Write a Review button).

If you’re inclined to leave a review for any of the books in that series, I’d be overjoyed! Here’s a link to the 3 books in the Unlikely Catches series.

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